<strong>Sigung Garry Hearfield</strong>
Sigung Garry Hearfield
Sigung Garry Hearfield is the founder of Warrior Body Buddha Mind. He has been studying traditional Chinese Martial Arts for over 25 years, traveling regularly to Hong Kong and China. Sigung Garry began his studies at the age of eight with Hapkido and a few years later he also began training and competing in Kickboxning. As a teenager, he won a gold medal in the Australian Hapkido Championships. He eventually began searching for a more traditional martial art and found a school in Sydney’s Chinatown that taught an exciting Chinese Kung Fu system known as Yau Kung Mun.

He has trained in Yau Kung Mun since he was fifteen years of age and was chosen as a Bai Shee (closed door disciple) by Grandmaster Leung Cheung. Later he also trained on a regular basis with Grandmaster Ha Kwok Cheung in Hong Kong until his passing in 2004. He is an ordained Daoist monk at the Ching Chung Daoist Temple in Sydney, where he was first introduced by Grandmaster Leung Cheung, himself a monk at the temple.

Sigung Garry is a closed door disciple of Grandmaster Cornelius Coelho who is the current Gatekeeper of the Wun Yuen Yat Hei Jeung system. He is the first person outside of the Doo Family to represent the Burning Palm within the art of Bak Fu Pai (White Tiger Kung Fu). He has been training and developing the Burning Palm System since 1996. Sigung Garry is also a very experienced practitioner of Bak Mei, Dao Gar and several other rare Kung Fu systems.

<strong>Sifu Christer Wretfors</strong>
Sifu Christer Wretfors
Sifu Christer Wretfors is the representative for Warrior Body Buddha Mind in Europe and he currently lives in Hässleholm, Sweden. He has trained in martial arts since 1986 and Kung Fu since 1989. He’s been student of Sifu Garry Hearfield since 2002. He teaches the full spectrum of WBBM arts, with a primary focus on Yau Kung Mun and Wun Yuen Yat Hei Jeung. Creator of the WBBM Gryphon/VIDAR Combatives Program.
<strong>Gaulin Christer Lundenius</strong>
Gaulin Christer Lundenius
Gaulin Christer Lundenius is the most senior student of Sifu Christer Wretfors. He is an authorized instructor of the WBBM Gryphon/VIDAR Combatives Program and the representative for Warrior Body Buddha Mind in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has also studied Yau Kung Mun for more than a decade as well as learning Wun Yuen Yat Hei Jeung.